Teeny Tiny Test Batch #2: Motueka Hops | Hoppin' Frog Brewery

ABV: 7.0%
IBU: 55
Style: IPA - American
Teeny Tiny Test Batch #2: Motueka Hops Untappd Rating: 3.7934 / 795
Out of Production
Description: Green cap - Chinook Hops Brown cap - Motueka Hops Red cap - Experimental 07270 Hops Brewing IPAs is the perfect combination of art and science - the ones that do it best balance both perfectly. That takes a lot of imagination and experimentation, which is where our Teeny Tiny Test Batch IPAs were developed. Now we have the absolute finest American hops from the actual crops that we selected and are having great success testing their qualities at our brewery. And when we create one of these great IPA recipes, we plan to take it from 10 gallons to 10 barrels, and share it with the world! Hops featured each batch can be determined by the cap color on the bottle.
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