Tandgnost | Munkebo Brewery™

ABV: 9.4%
IBU: 23
Style: Weizenbock
Tandgnost Untappd Rating: 3.28846 / 52
Actively Produced
Description: Weizenbocks is a strong South German wheat bock. There is aroma like a Weißbier, but it is darker and has more malt flavor from the German munich malt, towards a doppelbock. The warmth from the high alcohol content gives an amazing complex aroma when brewed with fresh german wheat yeast. Low in hop bitterness, lots of malt character, body and aroma with a dense and durable foam. Brewed with traditional Munich malt and a special wheat bock yeast that is collected in southern Germany. A well lagered and perfectly poured weizenbock in a Munkebo glass gives a flavor and aroma, that means this beer cannot be shared with friends. Taste and you can almost sense the ancient monasteries walls, hear the bells ring and the monks’ singing. Serve at 10-12°C, (50-54°F). Tandgnost is one of Thor’s two bucks. The name means: teeth rubbing. By swinging the hammer Mjolnir over their bones, Thor can bring them to life, after having slaughtered them. They pull Thor’s chariot across the sky, where Mjolnir is thrown from Thor’s hand in search of jötnars. Contents: Water, Malt: munich, wheat, pilsner, cara120, Hops: northern brewer, tradition, Yeast: bavarian weißbier, IBU: 23
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