Patrons Project 10.03 // India Porter // Mosaic, Columbus, Phoenix // HOME // Culinary Concepts | Northern Monk

ABV: 6.0%
IBU: 20
Style: Porter - English
Patrons Project 10.03 // India Porter // Mosaic, Columbus, Phoenix // HOME // Culinary Concepts Untappd Rating: 3.77398 / 344
Actively Produced
Description: HOME is a Leeds based dining concept which showcases a menu which focuses on food with traditional, typical British flavours and techniques but presented in a modern and unusual way. This recipe was inspired by a particular favourite dish on HOME’s menu; Pigeon breast with game ragout, fennel and truffled pomme soufflé. The idea was for the sweetness of the malt to rest nicely alongside the balance of flavours in the dish, with the subtle liquorice notes harmonising with the fennel ketchup. We created this beer with the view that not only could it be enjoyed alone, but as a beer pairing with their menu to offer insight to how incredible a pairing between food and beer can be. To compliment the flavours of the dish (the rich, irony, gamey flavours alongside a sour medicinal rooty flavour from the fennel) we realised that a beer inspired by Pontefract cake would be a perfect pairing. Not only that, it was also a personal favourite of chef Elizabeth’s mum; a flavour that she really associated with her childhood, exemplifying HOME’s MO of reimagining familiar and nostalgic flavours; plus it only seemed right that a collaboration between two progressive names in Northern food and drink that share so many of the same values should pay homage to Yorkshire food & drink heritage! We felt this flavour profile would complement a darker style of beer which led us down the path of an India porter! For the grain bill, we used copious amounts of nine different malts all selected on their
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