Pardubický Porter | Pardubický pivovar

ABV: 8.0%
Style: Porter - Baltic
Pardubický Porter Untappd Rating: 3.6 / 3772
Actively Produced
Description: Legendary Porter, which fully meets its reputation. The production of the traditional 19 beer – Pardubice Porter – began in 1891 by brewmaster Alois Šimonek, the creator of the original recipe according to which the beer has been brewed up to these days. Mixing fout carefully chosen types fo malts, maturation period three times longer than in conventional lagers, and other special production processes in manufacturing results in PORTER beer with its characteristic dark, almost black, thick foam and distinguished by a very delicate, sweet malt taste. Beer connoisseurs will appreciate chocolate and caramel tones with a subtle touch of cherry. Therefore PORTER is the only beer that is directly recommended to sweet dishes.
0 Offering 2 Seeking

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