A Composition In Hops: Fuguebier | Trophy Brewing Company

ABV: 6.2%
Style: IPA - New England
A Composition In Hops: Fuguebier Untappd Rating: 4.02907 / 301
Actively Produced
Description: This beer was brewed in celebration of Johan Sebastian Bach's mastery of the fugue. We wanted to build something that conceptually reflected the challenge and structure of a fugue. In beer recipes, specifically IPAs, like with notes in musical composition, the order, amount and time in which hops are added define the beer. In this particular case we chose to build our entire hop addition schedule atop the conceptual structure that defines a fugue. We used 5 hop varieties (Amarillo, Citra, Centennial, Galaxy, and Callista) to create two voices. Using the amount added and the time added we built a subject and a counter subject, a progression, and a final repeating of the subject across the brew day and the 7 days of dry-hopping additions that followed. If pushed, one would call this a New England IPA, but beyond that we are proud to suggest that this beer is the world's first Fuguebier!
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