Haunted Stars Aged In Rye Whiskey Barrels W/ Cocoa & Vanilla | Modern Times Beer

ABV: 9.0%
Style: Porter - Imperial / Double
Untappd Rating: 4.30324
Actively Produced
Description: Haunted Stars is a rye imperial porter rocking a chewy, chocolaty, spicy malt character that coats the mouth and warms the cockles. It starts off rich and full-bodied, with a velveteen texture and creamy dark chocolate flavor, and finishes with a lingering rye spiciness and pleasing earthiness. We aged this batch in spicy, gloriously fragrant rye whiskey barrels with vanilla and cocoa nibs, yielding a swirling maelstrom of delicious complexity that’s going to light up your pleasure synapses like a thousand-watt Lite Brite.

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