Dream Lab | Equilibrium Brewery

ABV: 10.2%
Style: IPA - Triple
Description: Think if Dream Wave Fluctuation and Straight Outta the Laboratory had a baby with no lactose. When Sam and Anthony from Other Half came up to brew, we were all discussing how much we liked our first EQ/OH collab Dream Wave Fluctuation, and on the EQ side, how much we like our recent beer Straight Outta the Laboratory (SOTL). We ended up taking EQ’s SOTL grain bill, modified an aggressive Other Half hopbill of Galaxy and Citra, and ran it through the SOTL process to bring out the EQ juice. This is how dreams are made. Dream Lab pours a glowing opaque tangerine color releasing aromas of passion fruit, lime, peach, and pineapple all integrated with a bright citrus backdrop. The taste is a bright creamy tropical of flavor with an escalating brightness buoyed by a soft velvety mouth feel. This beer is extremely well balanced and drinkable. In fact, I finished the whole can while writing this and caught half a buzz… please drink responsibly. – PEte
1 Offering 1 Seeking

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