Curiosity Fifty Six | Tree House Brewing Company

ABV: 8.0%
Style: IPA - American
Description: We are so pleased to offer another freshly packaged Curiosity for your enjoyment in the New Year - Curiosity Fifty Six! Fifty Six finds us experimenting with a number of process variables, including mash salt adjustments, pH, kettle hopping rates, and fermentation temperature well outside the box of what is standard to our process. An intense hop bill of Amarillo, Warrior, and Citra saturates the beer in a way that is wholly unique to Tree House. Dense fruity notes of apricot, mango, and orange marmalade coat your tongue and nostrils before a firm citric bitterness entices the next sip - It is so enjoyable! The Curiosity series has afforded us the opportunity to explore and understand the cause and effect of literally hundreds of brewing variables over the course of its five year history. It is vitally important to enhancing our intimate knowledge of the brewing process and allows us the chance to make tremendous leaps forward in a short period of time. Each batch is a highly enjoyable singular excursion that ultimately contributes to the overall depth and quality of our core line-up.
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