Modem Tones Aged In Sherry Barrels | Modern Times Beer

ABV: 14.4%
Style: Stout - Imperial / Double
Modem Tones Aged In Sherry Barrels Untappd Rating: 4.23299 / 147
Actively Produced
Description: Named for an infamous auto-correct error, this breathtakingly flavorful imperial stout is the result of our ongoing quest to summit the peak of liquid decadence. Aged for months upon months in fragrant sherry barrels, this spellbindingly tasty beverage emerged sporting beautiful flavors and aromas of sherry, caramel, and dark chocolate, all ensconced in a thick, chewy mouthfeel that brings the whole sensory package home in spectacular fashion. Prepare for a 56k dial-up connection directly to your flavor ports.
1 Offering 0 Seeking

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