Busted Knuckle | Quaff ON! Brewing Company

ABV: 7.3%
IBU: 27
Style: Porter - American
Busted Knuckle Untappd Rating: 3.74295 / 13043
Actively Produced
Description: Our brewer created Busted Knuckle Ale to be QUAFFED. Busted Knuckle is not a brew for sippers, sniffers, swirlers, or pseudo-scientific beer analysts who spend more time talking about beer than drinking it. Busted Knuckle is the every day, all occasion favorite at our Southern Indiana brew house. When we can get them to stop drinking, our regulars tell us that Busted Knuckle is in a category of its own, with a rich complex flavor and smooth, slightly sweet finish that defies comparison to other beers. What about the name “Busted Knuckle” Ale? Is the deep red color reminiscent of fresh blood on the newly busted knuckle of a working man or woman’s hand? Could it be that in the brewhouse anyone without a busted knuckle is known to be a pretender? Or maybe it refers to the prize fighting days of Big Woods Brewing Co.’s founders. Whatever the story, Busted Knuckle celebrates life that is experienced rather than observed, along with the bumps, bruises and cuts that are the building blocks of character.
2 Offering 0 Seeking

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