‪#‎DragonsAreReal‬ | B. Nektar Meadery

ABV: 14.0%
IBU: 12
Style: Mead - Other
‪#‎DragonsAreReal‬ Untappd Rating: 4.24276 / 2660
Actively Produced
Description: Mead with Cherry juice, chipotle peppers and cacao nibs aged in Hew Holland Dragon's Milk barrels. Thanks @newhollandbrew for the #dragonsmilk barrels. Made a gr8 home 4 #ChocolateCherryChipotle #dragonsarereal We won’t miss ur next G of T party @StephenAtHome. #colbertnation #dragonsarereal @BNektar knows that it takes but little fire to impart a rich snowy charter. *SMOKY character #damnautocorrect #dragonsarereal In the game of toasts, you sip or you honey wine. Cheers!
2 Offering 0 Seeking

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