Abbath TIPA | Apex Brewing Company

ABV: 10.0%
Style: IPA - Triple New England
Abbath TIPA Untappd Rating: 4.62091 / 318
Actively Produced
Description: Diabolus in cervisia, the devil’s lubricant, the morning star of hazy imperial india pale ales. This beerhemoth has many names but we choose to call it by it’s one true name: Abbath. This triple dry-hopped trve kvlt 10% ABV triple IPA is one hell of a juicy abomination. Hopped with a cursed lot of Citra in the cauldron and then dry-hopped with Vic Secret, Galaxy, BRU-1 and some extra Citra Cryo for good measure. Limited amount of cans (sorry, brewed with melted snow from Blashyrkh) and only available @glasbanken. Horns up! D.T.P! Malts: Mortis Otter Extra Pale, Naked Oats, Torrefied Oats, Torrefied Wheat & Chit Malt. Hops: Citra, Vic Secret, Galaxy, BRU-1 & Citra Cryo Yeast: WLP666 Funeral Fog
0 Offering 0 Seeking

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