Lavender Rain Cuvee' (BaC.Cuvee.x010) | Bourgeois & Crass

ABV: 11.3%
IBU: 18
Style: Sour - Other
Lavender Rain Cuvee' (BaC.Cuvee.x010) Untappd Rating: 0 / 0
Actively Produced
Description: A lavender & spruce-tip heavy sour ale that was also seasoned with oak, eucalyptus, and fennel blended with our much-beloved O.P.V (a sour ale with oak, prickly pear, & vanilla). This is not one to 'throw back' unless you own stock in tums or are some kind of animal. Sip slowly and enjoy the rollercoaster of flavor we've managed to fit into this bottle.
1 Offering 0 Seeking

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