Gueuze Loerik (2018) | Brasserie Cantillon

ABV: 5.5%
Style: Lambic - Gueuze
Gueuze Loerik (2018) Untappd Rating: 4.34554 / 56
Out of Production
Description: Guess who is back? A Loerik Cantillon, 20 years later! A Loerik is a mixture of lambics that will give birth to a gueuze whose fermentation - for an unknown reason - will last much longer than an ordinary gueuze. While a gueuze will need several months of cellar before sparkling, a Loerik will have to rest years due to this slow fermentation. Since yeasts don't act as strong as they should, this atypical gueuze is considered lazy, hence the name Loerik (meaning lazy in Brussels dialect). We can't explain this slower development and are therefore unable to plan for making such a beer. A Loerik is always the fruit of chance with a beautiful end result. Slow fermentation gives beer a lot of complexity and delicacy.
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