Triple Barrel Catch Hell (2024) | Half Acre Beer Company

ABV: 17.9%
Style: Stout - Imperial / Double
Description: This beer began in our brewery in May of 2021. It saw three rounds of spirit-soaked barrels across a slew of makers: Knob Creek, Jim Beam, Stagg Jr, Blanton’s, Heaven Hill, George Dickel, 18yr Elijah Craig, 10yr Russell Reserve, Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey, and Willett Family Reserve Rye with fill dates of June 2021, August 2022 and finally July 2023. Pouring hard into an oversized glass, encouraging a thick foam head, this bucket tar suffocates CO2 and light in some wicked way. It's easy to catch a glance of the aroma the second you crack the can. Burrowing down in the glass, you’re slammed with the foundation of BA stout recipes. Oak, stout, char whiskey, complex malts, burnt sugar, and heft. Drink it down and you’re tilted into the details that make Catch Hell a legion offering from our brewery. Cinnamon, dark cherry, nougat, birthday cake, reserve spirt, and hard-to-place neural collisions. With this one, you have to give your friends the eyes.
1 Offering 0 Seeking

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