Wizard Blend (2021) | Modern Times Beer

ABV: 13.5%
Style: Strong Ale - American
Description: There’s really no good way to put this in a paragraph, so here’s the giant list of barrels & beers in this blend: In Schmillett Bourbon Barrels: Suggestion of Mass, Mega Devil's Teeth, Modem Tones In Ethereal Mound Bourbon Barrels: Exploring New Heights, Economy of Scale, Monsters’ Park In Domestic Brandy Barrels: Monsters' Park In Rum Barrels: Monsters' Park In Elias Butte 9 yr Bourbon Barrel: Demon Helm (BA re-brew sans Grape Must) In Bovine Outline Barrel: Altar of the Orc Lord In Ancient Gitzferald Barrels: Dragon Mask, Beastmaster, double barrel-aged Wizard Blend 2020
1 Offering 0 Seeking

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