Singularity^2: EC20-B8 | Moksa Brewing Co

ABV: 16.5%
Style: Stout - Imperial / Double
Description: Our Singularity series beers are what we believe to be the best examples of single-barrel, non-adjuncted stouts. They are never planned, but rather make themselves known during the course of our regular tastings. On plenty of occasions, big-name barrels have not yielded Singularity-caliber beers, and on others, we have been pleasantly surprised by unassuming barrels. Singularity Squared is a doubling-down on the same concept. Thirteen months ago, a particular Elijah Craig 20-year barrel was a strong Singularity candidate, showing deep caramel, rich spicy old oak, and a touch of smoke from the old barrel. We felt its sweetness was just a touch out of balance, however, and instead decided to re-commit the beer to another round of aging. That time we selected an 8-year Booker's bourbon barrel for its comparatively bright and aggressive spirit character, and moved the beer to its new home. After thirty months of total aging, upon tasting we immediately knew this was something special and that it deserved to be the first of a new tier of Singularities. Combining the character of both old and young barrels with a well aged and developed stout, the resulting beer boasts a great intensity of spirit character above all else, presenting primarily as vanilla, nuttiness and baking spices. Deeply caramelized sugar with a bit of fruity oxidation, a hint of roast and smoke, lingering warmth and just enough oaky tannin to clean up the palate at the end.
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