Ale X | Optimism Brewing Company

ABV: 9.3%
Style: Strong Ale - American
Ale X Untappd Rating: 3.62 / 632
Actively Produced
Description: A strong beer, more of a sipping beer, as it has heavy notes of dark caramel and toffee from the malt. The hops balance the residual sweetness and create a long-lasting flavor on the palate. It's made with a combination of American and European malt and hops and an English yeast to give it a slight fruit flavor to balance the caramel flavor, think candied apple. Beer style notes: Some may consider it an “old ale” or a barleywine. We don't call it a barleywine because it's not wine (fermented grapes) and it does not sound as good as it tastes. “Old” is not usually a compliment to beer either. It couldn't be considered either an American Barleywine or an English Barleywine because it is both (or neither, depending on how you look at it). It is named to memorialize my nephew, Alex. It is an ale, not a lager, and the letter X has traditionally been used in beer to denote a strong beer, i.e., X, XX, XXX, etc. It is also an homage to the traditional use of X to name UNIX-based operating systems (which I loved in my previous career), i.e., Ultrix, AIX, Xenix, Linux, MacOS X, etc. Future vintages will be named with the Roman numerals XI, XII ... XV ... XX and so on. Ale X is the first vintage.
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