Rukkivein (Cellar Series) | Põhjala

ABV: 12.9%
IBU: 45
Style: Rye Wine
Rukkivein (Cellar Series) Untappd Rating: 4.19 / 4214
Actively Produced
Description: A celebration of Rye in all its forms - brewed with 70% rye grain and aged in american rye whiskey barrels. Taste: With a mouthfeel like chewing on a dark and roasted black rye bread, this manages to be both richly sweet enough to be nourishing, whilst being balanced by the peppery spice of the rye malts. With an underlying spicy molasses like body and a touch of blackcurrant like fruitiness, the barrel ageing gives an additional layer of complexity - wrapping up all the other flavours in yet more spice and smooth charred oak. Appearance: Deep, dark chestnut brown with a slight red hue and a beige head. Nose: Rich dark fruits - figs, prunes, and raisins - and strong dark chocolate come through, with hints of winter spices such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and dark rye bread. Coming later are aromas of Kali, vanilla, some tobacco and huge rye - a bold yet inviting aroma that demands to be noticed. Malts: Pale malt, Rye malt, Melanoid malt, Cara pale, Cara 150, Cara 300, Flaked rye, Chocolate rye, Flaked barley Hops: Magnum, First Gold, Northern Brewer
1 Offering 0 Seeking

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