Admiral Comet | Stable 12 Brewing Company

ABV: 7.6%
IBU: 76
Style: IPA - American
Admiral Comet Untappd Rating: 3.64391 / 238
Actively Produced
Description: Stand at attention and give a proper military salute to our newest IPA, Admiral Comet. Admiral Comet is an experimental IPA made with Pale Malt, Munich Malt and a decent amount of Admiral and Comet hops. The aroma of bitter orange peel and lemony citrus flavors will make you wonder if you want another pint and yes...yes you do! However, we live in a democratic society and Admiral Comet only remains on the front lines if you vote for it. Ask your bartender for details on how you can cast your ballot to keep or dismiss Admiral Comet. 7.6 % a.b.v. and 76 IBU's.
0 Offering 0 Seeking

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