Curiosity One Hundred Three | Tree House Brewing Company

ABV: 7.9%
Style: IPA - Imperial / Double
Description: Following the milestone of Curiosity One Hundred, and celebrating a tremendous run of successful and delicious offerings, we are delighted to present Curiosity One Hundred Three today for your enjoyment! Curiosity One Hundred Three finds us reinvigorated with our creative spirit and challenging and any all preconceived notions we hold about brewing. Back to basics, in a sense. To commemorate this, we have asked our artist friend Dean McKeever to approach his illustrations in a stripped down manner, similar to the original Curiosity cans, as we embark on the centennial season of Curiosity! With this approach, it’s amazing to see how much Dean has grown as an artist as even with simple pen and ink he creates something worthy of celebration! The beer, like the artwork, strips away accumulated notions and starts fresh, and basic, by challenging our preconceived ideas of what works and what doesn’t with a renewed sense of purpose. Brewed with a new-to-us base malt, and new-to-us specialty malts, Curiosity 103’s taste is brimming with potential and originality. We taste and smell super potent citrus, tropical fruit bubble gum, watermelon, and jolly ranchers buoyed by a fluffy mouthfeel - whoa! To quote Codee, a cellarperson here at Tree House, reporting over the walkie-talkie just now, “Dude, this 1-0-3 is f***ing bomb”.
1 Offering 1 Seeking

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