We Live Among Ghosts | Tree House Brewing Company

ABV: 8.2%
Style: IPA - Imperial / Double New England / Hazy
Description: The soul is a stubborn essence that does not fade quickly; it lingers in the air, the Earth, and the comfort of the familiar scenes within our lives. Much of the work we do not only honors the past of those around us but also stakes a claim in the ether to leave something behind for future generations to build upon. There is a feeling of longing for those who are now gone; our work means to honor their persistent presence and bridge the past with the present. We Live Among Ghosts pauses to reflect on what we’ve lost while honoring what was left behind. It isa Tree House-style Double IPA brewed with a new yeast blend and the best American hops we can source from the fresh crop. It is juicy, refreshing, and delicious.
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