Cuvée de Tetreault (2019) | Trillium Brewing Company

ABV: 11.4%
Style: American Wild Ale
Description: Released just once a year on our brewery's anniversary, Cuvée de Tétreault is an American wild ale aged in Cabernet Sauvignon and bourbon barrels on Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and black currants. The finished product is comprised of a blend of beer from each of the two types of barrels. This concept dates back to the early homebrewing days of founders JC and Esther Tetreault. Cuvée de Tétreault was initially designed to model the layered flavor of red wine barrels and the whole fruit maceration process that some winemakers utilize. For the first time this year, we used whole black currants. This integrates the entirety of the fruit lending more depth of character and a smooth, rounded tannic structure. Cuvée de Tetreault 2019 pours a deep ruby brown with regal garnet highlights and a pillowy, easily roused blush colored head. Bringing the glass to the nose, Cuvée de Tétreault expresses rich aromas of toasted oak and vanilla bean alongside a powerful bouquet of earthy black currant and blackberry preserves. The palate unfolds with each sip as bold, red wine and tones of smooth fig, dried cranberry, sour cherry, and plum meld with a touch of peppery tobacco spice and woodsy hops. An underlying soft, fleeting roast and lush tannic structure tame the fruitiness and acidity of the beer while a refined barrel character adds complexity and elegance.
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