Alici Bianco | Wheaty Brewing Corps

ABV: 5.9%
IBU: 42
Style: IPA - English
Alici Bianco Untappd Rating: 3.845 / 50
Actively Produced
Description: FULL, FRESH AND SAVOURY. ORANGE MARMALADE. As per tradition, our first Good Beer Wheaty 2016 collaboration was with old friend Leo ‘why not’ Vincenzo (Birra del Borgo) and new recruit Brooks ‘Coober Pedy’ Carretta (Nomad) in the fourth of our Anchovy Series; an English IPA. The plan was to Burtonise (or rather ‘Theburtonise’) the water up to a point - and let the Anchovies do the rest. We went heavy on the water, betting that the high mineral content would give the beer a full body yet finish dry, sharpening to a clean hop bitterness in its tail. Crisp not furry was the goal.
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